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About me

Defrim Jupa

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” – Edgar Degas
Haunted by this quote ever since I started painting I have always wanted to take the viewers to a different angle of seeing things and give them an opportunity to taste a drop of the emotion and step into the artists vision.

My work is all about beauty emerged from the snaps of the moments buried down in my memory. Women’s figure, different objects and colors, nature and especially flowers are the cause of those snaps which later take a shape on the canvas creating a story with a doorway for the viewers to step in.

My painting process begins with a simple spray paint layer, or in case of portraits, with a pencil sketch. I try to give a shape to what I see in my mind, which then develops and changes continuously as the memory clears and becomes more vivid. Being so hard for me to decide between realism and abstract to express my feelings, I decided to mix them both and create a surreal image. Half of the painting is so realistically painted with oils and the other part is connected by an abstract with an acrylic base or real life objects like plastic flowers and petals creating the effect of a three dimensional painting. Effects that I use as a bridge for the viewers to dive in the painting.